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Originally Posted by aural iNK
Lets just say that DPE has been given my telephone #, and two emails from one of your distributors to inquire about my wheels that are now in their 11th week, with no response. I understand the whole custom wheel thing, but don't you think the "bottom line" should be to keep your end retailer/customers informed of when they should be expecting their order, especially when running 5-7 weeks late?

Half the reason I ordered DPE was because of the great customer service this board spoke of. Why have you not extended this service to me?
Aural Ink (Bobby?): I am in charge of only a handful of orders. When you contact "me" for anything particular, I may not have any of your information. I am glad to be at your service. Just let me know your contact information and your order description and all your questions will be answered. And if you are Bobby, your order is already complete and will be at SPP tomorrow (July 29th).

Again, we have had some issues with delays which have already been addressed and changes are being made to resolve them. As you know, all companies go through growing pains and we are no different. This is not an attempt to provide an excuse, but more to show you we are taking actions to better serve the community. We take pride in our products and it is our commitment to instill in you, the customer, that DPE strives to provide better communication and service in the future. These experiences, as unfortunate as they are, in the end will make us a reliable and reputable company.

Thank you.
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