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Well, the saga continues.

To bring you up to speed, after 3-4 weeks had passed after ordering the wheels I asked my retailer if it was too late to make a color change. He checked with DPE and they said it would be fine. I made it clear that I would not change the order if it would delay me getting the wheels, and they said it would not. Around that time I was given a June 25th completion date.

8 weeks later, I finally hear that my wheels will be ready by the end of the week, and that, to no surprise, DPE insisted that the change of color from black to brushed caused the delay. GO DPE!

So "whatever" I say, we'll see if they are done as promised.

So, today my retailer then calls me and explained to me that the wheels have arrived! I could hardly believe my ears. 12 weeks and they are done.

Not so soon. The retailer tells me there was a problem. He remembered I changed to brushed, but oddly, the wheels are black. It turns out the delay was blamed on something that didn't even exist to DPE, a color change that never happened. DPE has F'd me hard on this one. Thanks guys!

I'll be sure to let the large group of potential DPE customers on this board know how they choose to remedy this situation (if at all).
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