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Thanks man... is that the price with mods added? Shouldn't I expect more $$ private sale because of the mods?
Originally Posted by Gadgets
Auction Averages
For Week Ending Jul 28

Average Jun 2004 Feb 2004 Aug 2003
Sale Price $16,954 $18,754 $20,100
Mileage 57,623 47,861 38,409
Total Sold All 43 36 41

Copyright 1996-2004 Manheim Auctions V 3.3.10

Ok, so it's like that:

Private party if you'll be lucky you'll get $18k - $19k (Very high mileage, but has CPO)

Dealer trade in - $14.5k - $15k

This is up to date figures from Manheim auto auctions.

Just to answer you question dude
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