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Originally Posted by Staszek
Oki I used to run 225/45R17 all year around, now I have 235/40R18 for the summer, and I am going to get winter wheels for my 17x8 wheels that I used to use all the time.

Anyway I am thinking, maybe for a better ride in the winter and also since NJ has alot of potholes in the winter, would it be better to ride 215/50R17 in the winter on the winter tires?

You're on the right track, except that 215/50R17 tires aren't recommended to be mounted on 8" wheels. I personally would not fret too much about using 225/45R17 in the snow, as they aren't much different in width or height from the 215/50R17 that you wanted to run and the selection will be far greater in 225/45R17. I'd suggest checking back in mid Sept for best winter tire selection as it is still a bit early on these seasonal items.

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