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Hi Guys,

I am new here... I just read this one as I was looking to learn about wheel options for my new ride.

In a case like this the way to know it's going wrong with y ou hubcentric spacers is this... when your torquing them it should take a pretty small amount of turn on the wrench to go from say 45 ft lbs to 85 ft lbs (something in the order of half a turn or less). If it take a whole 360 turn or more on the bolt you have them seated wrong and most likely it sort of popped out on you. It's alwasy good to double check your torque and go around the wheel again and when you seat the centering rign wrong it often shows up here too as you will be able to turn the previously tight bolt more. I have spent a lot of time at the track and road raced for a while... you see this all the time and even more so at autox's with more folks new to changing wheels and centering rings.

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