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Re: HELP Dinan Suspension and Exhaust

Originally posted by jonas
I am so confused that I not even know where to start, I got my Dinan stage II suspension this week and I went to install today, before I did that I went to talk to a friend with mechanic inclinations as I am trying to do this as a hobby and I already installed the CAI and brake pads, which I never had done in my life until a few months ago. Now it comes my questioning after you guys knowing that I am close to what it can be called mechanic illiterate.

1. I went today to Pep Boys and I got a torque wrench, and some spring compressors, my question is do I need an Impact wrench to work on the suspension of our cars? My friend told me that I would need that to unbolt the "Jesus" nut that goes in the top of front shock, otherwise the shock would run together with the nut itself and would never get off, as he said that I need all the torque at once to pull that nut out of the top of the shock. Does it makes any sense to you guys? The tool cost 79.00 and I don't think that I will be making too many suspension inroads after this one.

2. Does anyone know a good DIY on the Dinan suspension, their instructions are good but not as detailed as I would need as an enthusiast mechanic wannabe.

3. I saw Vinnimac tool to cut the exhaust pipe, and I have a few questions, do I only clamp the Dinan exhaust on the cutted pipe? Do I need to have a gasket or something like that in order for it not to leak? If I am going back to stock how do I do that? And last what is Vinnimac's tool to cut the pipe, can I use a saw to do it?

I know that is a lot of questions, but I am really f@*#&up here with this thing that I decided to do not knowing the entire game plan.

Thanks in advance!
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