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Re: I see...

Originally posted by valerie
... you must be the reason Johnny called me on Friday and asked how long it takes to install the M-Tech bumper. Guess it still holds true that its not a quick install even though its no longer the dark ages for the whole thing like when loki and I attempted it. Well, I warned him

Anyway, it looks great - enjoy!
Well Valerie, lol, the problem with us was basically the reinforccer, there was lil clips and we didn't know how to take them out, haha. It wasn't really a 6 hour job at all. Would've been pretty fast, but issue was that Razori and our other buddy took out the headlight unit to work on another issue and caused a great delay and I was the only tech that knew about the headlight system more than jawknee. Looks great bro, car lookin smooth, makes me wanna get it now

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