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-Installation is easy: These kits come with a printed installation guide, and a printed card detailing the link and password for the remote kit installation guide (full color pictures on this one). Most people can accomplish this installation in well under 2 hours.

-We are fully stocked (I'm up to my ears in halos)

-I will put the link up in a minute, I need to ship a few items first. I'll assemble more sets while waiting for 5+people to pay. Maybe we can ship as early as tomorrow if 5 of you pay by then. Otherwise, they all go out Monday

-These halos fit ALL E46's besides 2004 COUPEs - we have a different version for the 04 coupe. They will work just fine with xenons. In some facelift sedans, you need to shave down the headlight trim a little bit to clear the enhanced upgrades - other than that, no problems.

-The halos turn on via fog lights or ECU. With the ECU, they go on when the key is in position 2, and go off 10 seconds after the car is shut off. You can put in a custom switch if you ever have the desire to turn them off. We can provide you with a full DIY if you wish to do so.

-If you drop them during installation, they WILL break. The enhanced covers protect them from clumby hands or trying to "stretch" them to fit on, but they ARE glass - so act accordingly.

Let me ship real quick then I'll put up a specialized ordering page for you guys.
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