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Originally Posted by fastestm3
Are you on crack bro? 2200 with no tires? I sold mine for basically the same price, with new tires, and they were 3 months old...Good luck , but it wont happen..
you know actually the price I feel is reasonable. If you can also see that I did say OBO, did I not? the MSRP now for HM2's are 2898 and there is no stock coming in for 6 weeks to the US. You do understand that the price of the Euro has gone up and therefore all parts like Hamann and ACS have gone up. I thought that this would be a reasonable price, and I also stated that I'm open to the best offer as well. I don't think you need to bash my thread with unesscessary comments. If there is a problem with what I have posted you can settle things with me though PM. Thanks
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