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Originally Posted by hdsr09
Hello. I posted a request for a carfax awhile ago , but nobody seemed to be able to help me. SO, I purchased an unlimited membership today. If anyone would like to obtain a carfax, I would please ask that you PayPal me $2.00 to "", and include your VIN Number with the payment and/or in a separate email to the same address, and I will return your requested carfax to you as soon as I receive your request. I just want to recoup my $24.99 investment, as well as provide carfax's for those of you that need them, but like me, did not want to shell out $24.99. $2.00 is MUCH more reasonable, will help you save $$$, and it will help me recoup what I spent. Thanx! Shawn
I would have done it for free - but hey - thats me.
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