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Originally Posted by hdsr09
Hello. I posted a request for a carfax awhile ago , but nobody seemed to be able to help me. SO, I purchased an unlimited membership today. If anyone would like to obtain a carfax, I would please ask that you PayPal me $2.00 to "", and include your VIN Number with the payment and/or in a separate email to the same address, and I will return your requested carfax to you as soon as I receive your request. I just want to recoup my $24.99 investment, as well as provide carfax's for those of you that need them, but like me, did not want to shell out $24.99. $2.00 is MUCH more reasonable, will help you save $$$, and it will help me recoup what I spent. Thanx! Shawn

It is totally illegal to do this. Read the fine letters on the bottom of your carfax. Im going to turn you into the carfax criminal investagation team so they can file felony charges on you.!!!! Hopefully i can get that reward they promised!! Thanks
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