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Let's see, where shall I begin...

1.) You shouldn't need an impact wrench to do your suspension. At most a breaker bar if the nut is on really tight, but I doubt you'll even need to got that far. Try this link for a suspension is very well written:

2.) The tool I posted the pic of is a chain-style tailpipe cutter. I only used it because I didn't have access to a lift to get the car high enough to use a torch or saw. I'd recommend using an electric saw if you have the tools. That chain tail pipe cutter is a really bitch to use and takes forever! The Dinan exhaust should have clamps at the end of the pipes and just clamps right on to you exhaust pipes and gives a very good seal. Just make sure you measure correctly before you cut! If you want to put your stock pipes back on...just get a set of clamps and put it back on...not a big deal.

Let us know if you have any other questions. Good luck! :tongue:
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