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3) Remove left inside door(s) rocker panel strip (item #1 below). (TIS 51 47 000)

This strip have to be slided towards the front of the car first and foremost and then pulled up. Otherwise you will break it. Once removed you will have easy access to the carpet.

4) Remove the rear seat bottom cushion (item #1 or #4 below) and left side cushion (item #7 below). (TIS 52 24 005)

Just pull up the bottom seat and slide forward. Before the left cushion can be removed the top plastic cover have to be removed (item #10 above). Once this is done (one clip) pull the top of the cushion out and then up in that order. Otherwise its bottom tab will be broken.

5) Remove decor trim and rear left side panel (if Coupe or just the decor trim if Sedan)

6) Remove center console, shifter trim and storage assembly below radio-A/C unit. (TIS 51 16 210)

Start with the shifter unit (shown in the previous step), follow with the center console (where the armrest is, you do not have to remove the armrest, only item #7 and its subassemblies shown below) and then with the center storage assembly in front of the shifter.

The trick of the center assembly removal is that there are 4 screws at the bottom and in the top. You only can see the bottom two screws once you remove the shifter trim. The other two are behind the top cubicle (above the row of DSC/HK/heated sets buttons, below items #3, #4 or #15 depending of your vehicle).

Open the lid, and press up hard on the inside top front corners of the rubber cubicle and then pull forward; it will come off. The two screws are behind this separate assembly.

7) Remove Radio and Climate Control panel (TIS 65 11 030)

The trick is to remove first the air vents above the radio. Remove the two screws above the radio and pull the vents up and forward. Once this is done the vents are no longer in the way of the radio, Just pull the radio out, disconnect the antenna and main plug and then pull the climate control out. Disconnect its connectors and relocate towards where the top cubicle below the A/C controls where. That's going to be new location of the climate controls.

8) Remove glove box (TIS 51 16 360)

Six screws attach the glove box to the dash: three on the top, two deep into both sides and a single one on the bottom right.

9) Remove both C pillar covers

These covers have a Torx screw behind the light fixture. Remove the light fixture (clips) and unscrew this screw before pulling out the trim (two clips attach it to the pillar, item #8 below)

10) Remove rear shelf (item #1 below)

The rear shelf is secured by four plastic clips at the front (towards the front of the car) attaching the plastic trim item #6 below, the three child seat anchors and a single screw centered thru the metal shelf underneath.

If your car has the HK subwoofer, you will need to remove the sub unit (item #1) to gain access to this screw.

9) Remove left trunk liner (item #1 below) (TIS 51 47 151)

If you do not have the OEM CD changer/Assist preparation in your car, you will need to buy a new trunk left trim (the one with the door).

Once you remove all these parts you Coupe should look like this...
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