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Originally Posted by hdsr09
It amazes me that I request a carfax a few weeks ago, and nobody bothered to help me get one or give me a good lead on getting one, yet as soon as I make a purchase for the unlimited carfax, I get flak for trying to recoup some of my purchase. I WOULD'VE just offered it to others for free, but considering how I was NOT offered help on this board, I still offered to do something for people that would be mutually beneficial. I mean, if you criticize me for $25.00, than what is $2.00 to someone else who otherwise WOULD'VE spent $20-25? I tell you what it is. Something that makes sense and saves them $$$. I later found out I shouldn't do it, so I haven't continued with the offer. HOWEVER, Many (not all) of you here are just like all the BS people in this world. Slow to offer a helping hand, yet quick to slap with it or offer criticism. I just bought an M3 and I live in Las Vegas where I gamble and drink. I could give a I=VCK about $25.00. It has to do with the principle behind the matter that nobody offered me help.However, once I pay for the unlimited carfax and try to get some $$$ back while at the same time helping others save money, I get flak for trying to help people not be in the same boat that I was in with the lack of help. And if you just wondered "what does principles have to do with ANYTHING" than I don't even want to exchange messages with you because anyone that doesn't understand or comprehend the principles behind certain decisions and stances is not a person I would like to communicate with anyway. I am normally a cool person, but to see all this negative criticism for something I offered with no ill will intended come SO QUICK to me, yet these same people offered no help when I politely requested a carfax... THAT is a bunch of
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