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Well, Xenon OEM from the dealer cost lots of $$$, so I grab the bosch version which is half prices. The different is BMW brands and Without. Modules etc are intacts.

Most dealer dont know the different anyway because its 100% identical accept for the brands. However you will required your dealer to reset your car using their MoDic system and told the internal car diagnostic that u have installed Xenon/Bi-Xenon. Dont know the cost there in US, but my dealer in Indonesia will do it for its labor cost only which is quite cheap

If you do not reset the system, Xenon might get burn up and will fail from time-to-time. Plus the error display is annoying like hell. This happen due to the different Watts between Non-Xenon (55W) and Xenon (35W) output.

I hope this will help out..

P.S. the autoleveling will be disable once the system reset. I was wondering if anyone know if this can be fixed. This happen due to the autoleveling sensors.

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