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Originally posted by Matt M.
Hi Roshan,

1. No.

2. Not if done correctly.... by that I mean that stock clutch take-up position can be retained as long as the throwout bearing dimensions are correct for the new flywheel. With regard to vehicle speed, an excessively light flywheel could induce stalling if you didn't slip the clutch to higher RPM. Excessively light for an M52TU or M54 is probably just below 10lbs. By staying above that weight, the only changes in RPM characteristics relative to performance and driveability will be desireable, not annoying

- -Matt
don't lighweight fly wheels tend to be noiser ("chatter"?) than stock? I heard one story of a person who hated the excessive noise so much they gave up the great gains and returned to stock.... Not sure what brand he had though.
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