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Originally Posted by BMDoubleU2k4

Maybe if you had a better paying job and didn't have to "Just get by" with working your A$$ off and owning a Bimmer? How is this OUR fault?

I work my a$$ off as well bro... So I want my $$$ that I put in this car to mean something and be worth it.. I'm not gonna overlook problems and "pretend" that everything is "just good enough" like you cause your obviuosly a vain BMW badge W.hore

If I'm a whiner for spending 40 grand on a car and it turns out to be a lemon....Then yes..Im a whiner

I'm a "vain BMW badge W.hore"? Didn't realize you metrosexuals could be so persnickity.

Noticed that you used quotes around "Just get by" in the first sentence of your reply. You might notice that I didn't ever mention "Just get by" or any variation thereof. And your suggestion to get a "better paying job" is off base. I own my own business. I've owned my business for over three years now. I have a tidy little profitable business with a number of employees who rely on me and my daily work to provide them with income. For some of us, "work" doesn't equate to "job". I, for one, have better things to do with my time and efforts than to make someone else money. I also didn't say that it was anyone's fault that I work my A$$ off.

I also never said that everything is "just good enough" (another phrase you have quotes surrounding without merrit). I actually said that it was my dream car and that "it's living up to everything I'd hoped for". How "everything I'd hoped for" equates to "just good enough" is beyond me.

What I WAS saying is that many of this boards members seem to feel entitled and ungrateful. Your particular situation does seem extreme - most of the negative posters don't have the same kind of problems you do. Many have only experienced the aforementioned common problems such as broken sunshade clips, window regulators, and the like. To describe your entry-level luxury vehicle with all negative words because your sunshade clips broke once is a little extreme.

I don't think that being proud of the car I own makes me a "vain BMW badge W.hore". I think that, just perhaps, it makes me grateful of what I've got. I'm also very proud of my '02 Buell. That doesn't make me a vain Buell badge W.hore. I'm proud of my wife, too. Again, that doesn't make me a vain wife badge W.hore. In fact, she doesn't even have a badge.

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