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Originally Posted by Jimslam
Look everybody - as I've tried to explain before, it's not usually my style to be drawn into these petty and immature arguments with people I don't know. And it certainly isn't my style to take low blows. That's why I apologized.

From some of the posts, apparently this guy is known for being petty and starting s*** with people. But I'll learn my lesson as it has been suggested. I made this page my homepage because I actually love my car and like to talk about it, read about it, and learn all about it. For that, this board has generally been great.
I've been reading this thread top to bottom and I couldn't agree more. I saw no antagonism in any of your original posts with which BMDoubleU2k4 took issue. I'm not sure I would have showed as much clarity and restraint in my responses if I'd been attacked the way you were. Of course, the sister comment was a bit much (I had to re-read it to be sure of what I just read!) but nobody should fool themselves into thinking it wasn't deserved.

BMDoubleU2k4, I understand that you are frustrated with your car and that it isn't meeting your standard for a vehicle bearing a luxury marque such as BMW. I can completely relate because I am fanatical about perfection in my cars as well, almost to a fault. I sold my last car, a Lexus IS with just 50k miles, because of the problems it had that drove me nuts: squeaks, rattles, and buzzes all over the place; shaking steering wheel that couldn't be fixed (I think the hubs were malformed because every other part had been replaced); transmission and clutch had to be replaced; exhaust system had to be replaced, etc. It's important to remind yourself sometimes when you get pissed off about something that it's just a car. There is always the option of selling it and buying a new one. But just because yours doesn't perform as you expect it to doesn't mean that others don't have legitimate reasons for being thrilled with their purchase. Jimslam loves his car. You have no right to attack him for that.
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