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Originally Posted by 330blaC i
i dont understand why owners of the 3 series coupes wont be honest about their cars. my 330ci is one of the nicest on the road here in miami if not the nicest ive seen so far with the black 19" stag wheels and navigation package. bottom line is these cars need improving. interior and exterior. im sure 3 series coupe owners know what im talking about. how many times have you had to take your bmw in for the interior trim piece falling out or because your center console paint peels. hope you owners are still under warranty! or what about needing your bushings replaced with only 35000 miles on your vehicle. dont get me wrong im not bashing BMW here but for the money i spent on my 330ci i expected more. everyone BMW forum ive visited nobody wants admit what type of mistake or regrets they have purchasing this type of vehicle. the e46 body styling already looks outdated anyway. my advice to anyone reading your research on this vehicle and i dont mean read magazine reviews i mean ask people who already own or have owned one about their opinion and im sure you will see. traded mine yesterday for the G35coupe and i cant believe the perfomance on this thing! so bye bye BMW. my G eats 330's for breakfast!
I have actually never had any of those happen to me. 2001 325Ci with 51,000 on the clock. The only problems i have had that werent a result of my own actions were things like a bad ignition coil or a blown Harmon Kardon subwoofer (which is probably due to my turning it up real loud with the windows down on the highway....i used to commute).
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