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Originally Posted by mamasaid325CI

Thanks! I appreciate your honesty even though you might get virtually b*tched slapped by some people...but i'm glad that you gave me the flip side of owning it as well...cause i'm sure all cars have problems and not everyone is gonna like the BMW...

but, I test drove the 325ci today, and i think that i'm gonna go with that had enough horsepower for me and for my needs and if i'm gonna add stuff to it anyway, might as well save money any way i can...also, it'd suck if i got the 330ci cause then i'd have to get admin to change my user name

also, stupid question...but everyone's been telling me to get Xenon lights cause it's worth the if anybody can tell me what exactly is so great about it...what makes it better than the regular kind...that would be much appreciated cause i

also, i found this car's not from a dealer..but some place that sells used cars...i dunno but it sounds pretty good to me...supposedly the warranty is still in effect for another 4 years or till 50,000mi...and the guy said it's never been in any accidents (even if it was..dunno if he would even tell me the truth)...but if anybody can take a quick look at it and tell me what they think about it...that would be really great since i don't wanna waste my time going down there (the place is like 300mi from where i live) if it's not even worth it online...seems kinda too good to be true and the price seems pretty good to me unless i'm a dumbass and it's not...but thanks a bunch!

Here's the link ~> 2004 325CI Steptronic

sorry, but i don't think i'm gonna get the G35C...but my 325ci will probably be modded anyway so that'll be good enough...and lucky for me too...i'm ASIAN

you do realize that 330 blac i is a troll.

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