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Originally Posted by mamasaid325CI
haaaaay PEOPLE!

i'm gonna be the PIMP owner of a 325CI pretty soon (pretty sure) and i just wanted to see why you people decided to buy your BMW as opposed to all the other cars out there in the market...


cause i'm just thinking about the reliability factor...and i read on another forum or thread about people treating you different and all that...and i just don't want to encounter hella problems (hence forking out more money) with the car once i get it...

so any tips or advice on why BMWs are the car to own would be appreciated!

also, i've been looking around for used a used 325CI (Donald Trump rejected my letter about adopting me) and i've seen like every possible imaginable color...black, white, gray, gray-green, blue...and so i just wanted to see what color is a TOTAL GUY-MAGNET, jk! but, what color do you think would look good for a girl!?! of course i'm gonna take into consideration how the engine runs and the options of the car and all...but any feedback on colors that are easy to take care of, look especially good once i fix it up, etc...

I was in the market for a new car and drove about 15 different cars. I drove everything from the 350z to the 230/320 mercedes. I dorve the 3 last and the rest is history. IMO it outperformed all other cars in that price range. The car has a feel that the others did not. I enjoy driving and I like to drive fast, so it made sense to go with the 3.
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