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Originally Posted by eg6turbo
i have v16 software....could i just get a v18+ and not need the cd key or do i have to get v17 b4 i go any higher???

The MKIII system is the only nav version that requires the KeyCD. If you are doing the upgrade on a MKIII that is on Version 15 through Version 17 you will be asked to insert a Key-CD after you complete the upgrade. If you do not have that disk you may be able to obtain a copy from the bmwnav group on Yahoo. MKIII systems that are already on Version 18 or newer will not need a KeyCD in order to upgrade to a newer OS version.

For the MKIII based systems, the biggest software change is going from Version 17 to Version 18 (or beyond). This adds the split-screen capability to your system. However, you do loose the OBC+Radio option. It comes down to personal preference, but in my opinion, the new features far outweigh loosing this.
If I understand correctly, you will need the Key-CD regardless of which version you are upgrading to because you have v16 to begin with. Once you upgrade to v18 and above you will not need the Key-CD anymore.

If you are going to do the 16:9 retrofit you would like to upgrade to v18 and above to get the split screen capability.
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