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Originally Posted by mickeyl
Do you know where the SA 534 dependency comes from? I have seen people with the "non-automatic climate control" relocating their control panel, so I would think there are no mechanical reasons for that dependency.
I specifically do not know, I can speculate that somehow the harness for this retrofit could have some wiring that is not compatible with the manual air conditioning set up, like an i-Bus line (the automatic A/C is part of the Car and Key memory feature, the manual A/C is not, AFAIK). Everything else is the same as a OEM Nav kit: the DVD computer, the tuner and the LCD screen, thus the only component that is different is the harness that connects all the components together.

That you have seen people relocating their control panel could mean that the harness used is not from the retrofit kit, probably from a full Nav OEM installation where the Nav harness is integral with the car.
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