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Clutch Stop with Cruise Control

Originally Posted by minig0d
While reading some earlier posts on the clutch stops I saw a reminder of the cruise control aspect of the clutch stop. This doesn't affect me as I don't have cruise control, but I think I read that there is a seperate switch on the clutch for the cruise control system and that it didn't use the switch that the starting system does (but I could be wrong). The cruise control uses a sensor on the clutch that turns off the cruise control (or possibly disengages it temporarily?) when you depress the clutch to shift gears (for obvious reasons). If there is a second switch I wasn't able to tell if this exact position set would allow for both switches to be depressed with the clutch all the way against the stop (but I'm thinking it should be just fine.)

Let me know how these turn out for yall. And if someone with cruise control could check and make sure that this particular height allows the cruise to disengaged when the clutch is depressed that would be cool.
Hey did anyone get back to you on the cruise control issue?
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