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Originally Posted by Jackboot
Santiago and Solid:

The only fear that I have is tapping into a switched 12V source that wouldn't like having a significant amount of current pulled from know what I mean? For example, the radio harness switched 12V is fine to use as a remote turn on for my amplifiers since they don't constantly require current from the switched source, but probably wouldn't be suitable for supplying the current for heating elements.

The lighter is an ideal location since it is meant to supply current to heating elements already! The only problem is that it isn't switched...

The 5-series and X3 must have a separate, fused source for the heated wheel that our 3-series doesn't have.

Any ideas?
Jackboot, I don't know if you have heated seats or not but the power source there is designed for a heater. I don't know if you can put two on the same source but if you don't have the heated seats then you should look into finding the instructions for putting the heated seat retrofit. It will tell you where the power source for the heated seats is.

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