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Originally Posted by BOSTONVietKid
I can't seem to size my pics right to post here but anyone interested in seeing what the "inferior" CCFL rings look like, just pm me and give me your email address.
I use this program - Irfanview. It's freeware.

All you have to do is run it - open the picture, resize to 800x600 and then save it. When you save it - it'll pop up another window - uncheck all of those boxes or it won't save the file as a smaller file. Shrinks my pictures from 1.5megs to about 30kb for posting.

I got my kit off ebay a while ago and paid a lot more than they're going for nowadays. For $130-140 ($100 for ebay angel eyes and $30-40 for the wiring harness parts), you will have CCFL angel eyes comparable to the $380 Phosphyres (w/ remote kit).

Incidentally, on the harness I made, I used 16 and 18 guage wiring, but you might get away with something smaller, the Wheelpower harness uses something like 20 guage or smaller wiring, it's very thin. I also used waterproof fuse holders which cost about 50 cents more a piece than the non waterproof ones on the Wheelpower harness. So, there is some flexibility in the design (I guess you can also use inline fuse holders if you wanted to). Hmm, now I'm tempted to redo my wiring harness

Oh yeah - another good link on the install.

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