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Originally Posted by kpeng
I just bought a set of the CCFL angel eyes from autotecknic. What would be the difference in wiring it into the parking lights and this? Are there any safety issues involved with wiring it to the parking lights?
I have them wired to my parking light...super easy. I actually like them better with the parking lights because I really do not care to have them on all the time. No need to draw attention from the cops around here...already running without the front plate the best time to show off for my friends is to put the emergency parking on...the CCFL will blink and flash for a cool effect. As far as cold weather problem. I can tell you it is getting quite cold in Boston and I don't have any problems like I have been reading on this board with people and other DDEs. Mine already came with the aluminum backing glued on so that is nice. I do think the glue job is not very good because it was falling apart when I was installing the light.

p.s. I have had them for 2 months and I do drive the car far so fire
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