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Originally Posted by goldiedg
Hey Rye,
Man, can you give me some advice??? I am looking at getting 18's or 19's hamann pg2 or 3's. Cant decide in 18's or 19's. After seeing how awsome yours looked i just want 19's. Can you tell me how good the ride comfort is with the 19's. I am trying not to loose much of the beemer comfort?? Your advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks dave
Hey dave whats up,

The ride quality with 19's is not bad at all, considering you will need a good suspension set up to begin with, you should be fine. I would suggest looking into H&R race/sport springs with aftermarket shocks. Or if you want to spend a bit more, get a full coil over set up such as kw, pss9 or H&R. I hear the H&R cup kit is a good set up. Since comfort is your main concern, i guess a 1.5 drop in the front and about 1.2 rear should be fine, nothing to drastic as your ride will be harsh. I hope i helped out somewhat but i'm no expert..heh...
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