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does anyone read my p0sts?
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The factory head unit does NOT have any RCA outs, just speaker lines. The type of signal the BMW head unit puts out differs from most. As such, you'll need a "line out" converter to interface w/ the aftermarket amp you'll most likely need to power your subs. Oh, that brings me to something out. You know you'll need a new amplifier to run those subs, right? The stock system has about 1/20th of the power you'll need to run aftermarket subwoofers. I suggest taking a trip to your local car stereo shop. Most are more than happy to temporarily hook-up an amplifier to whatever box you have so that they can sell you on the amp. What I'm trying to get at is that wiring these things is very complex; you can't just run speaker wires to the box and hope it works. Go to a local shop, you'll be glad you did.
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