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needs a proper photoshoot..
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Originally Posted by goldiedg
Hey thanks man,
What do you actually mean when you say you had to pull out the rear fender. Did you have to really stretch the gard by going to a panel beater ??? Sorry for the stupid question. Do you still think 19 x 8.5 will look good, or even 18's. Pretty sure i will go for the 19's though.

Hmmmm, i guess you can put it that way, i had to pull the rear fender out evenly or else you would see ripples and uneven spots and that wouldn't be good. I think 19x8.5 is good but i've always loved staggered on a bmw, and 18's i wouldn't do unless they were the stock zhp rims, besides that, rather save up for some 19's. hope all this wasn't too
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