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Originally Posted by ex10psi
yup, add me to the list of people having issues with the icelink/ipod connector in their E46's...

I've been back and forth with the tech and he's suggested to do the following:

disconnect the 12 pin connector that goes from the wire that connects directly to the ipod to the long, black, skinny icelink unit. No need to pull fuses (becomes a pain in the ass when you do it everytime you get into your car), no need to disconnect batt. Also turn the radio off for a few sec let it reset itself then plug everything back in and it should work fine... at least for the moment before you have to do it again.

Dension has told me that they are working hard on a fix... basically it'll require us to download an updated firmware soon available on their site.

Also... when this problem occurs, my turn signals blink erratically. Too fast, too slow, skipping blinks, etc... very very strange. But once I pull the 12 pin connector and put it back, everything is fine again, turn signals, ipod, etc...

I've also got another issue with constant static, hissing, popping, noises when playing my ipod, also some sort of whine noise as if i've just installed a cheap car stereo system using crappy wires

I've contacted Dension tech support about this but no response yet... Tom if you're out there, could you ask Chase to get back to me on this issue? Please ask him to respond to my latest email from I've also listed a few other issues for him to look into: why my ipod continues to charge after the key is taken out, even though I have it set not to charge after key is off. Thanks for the help!
Send me your full name and phone number via PM - I'll forward over to Chase personally.
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