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Add me to the list. My Ice>Link Plus setup is hosed.

I am a little frustrated here. I bought 2 of these things at once. 1 for my 04 M3 and 1 for my wife's 01 330i. I spent an hour on hold trying to talk to tech support today without speaking to 1 live person. But "my call is important"....blah blah blah.

Here is what mine does...

After I pull the fuse and reset the system, everything works except for the background static/hissing noice. If I turn the car off and turn it back on immediately, and/or take out and reinsert the IPOD(you can do this stuff in any order as long as you don't wait more than a few minutes) everything still works. If you wait more than a few minutes, you're screwed.

The IPOD will play regardless, but only if its already playing when you insert it into the cradle. Pressing the "mode" button on the business head unit yields a "CD -", whether the IPOD is connected or not. You have zero control of anything except volume. You can't even change songs on the IPOD itself because it has been locked by the IceLink. No buttons on my radio work in IceLink mode.

Oh, and a little added bonus. Once in a while, when you put it in the cradle, you can navigate up and down your playlists with the steering wheel, but the up and down arrows work backwards! Up moves the selection down in the playlist and vice versa. Luckily, a quick pull of the old #7 and #41 fuses fixes it right up.

So, any suggestions on what I am supposed to do here? I can't get through to tech support. I can't get my stuff to work. And I have already paid for 2 of these. I don't mind being patient as I know there are bugs in any development cycle, but I would really like some good news here...
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