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Originally Posted by BMW DZYN

I hate to knock, BUT,

THat is a travesty to your interior. I mean the install seems like it might have been hard , so kudos on that, and hell you even got them to fit nice and snug....

but come on, those things look horrible in the otherwise gorgeous super clean black interior.

Agian I appologize for the negativity...but damn

ANd whats wrong with you guys incuraging him? Maybe he can still return it and get his money back?

I know the first thing everyone thoght when they saw that installed was, "Man what an eye soar..."

Hes a big boy and ask for honest opinions...

Anyway, bro, if you can get your money back, go with a tough screen....
Sorry, but I've been out of town for a few days on vacation.

Everyone has their own opinion, but the reason I got this setup was for SQ, nothing else....this, in my opinion was the best way to install this combo in this car. I love it and 90%+ of the comments have been positive. Kinda hard to get my money back when I did all the work myself.
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