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Re: stock stereo upgrade

Originally posted by noflash
I DO NOT need more volume, I need better quality sound.
that's nice to hear for a change. in that case, go w/ the basslink. It's not hugely (new word) loud, but it has a built-in amp and should do well for adding in a little bit of low-end power. Also (strongly) consider the JL audio stealthboxes. They will need a separate amp, but they don't require much power for - what I consider to be - tasteful listening levels. (Try a Rockford Fosgate m250 or a smaller PPI amp if you get the stealthboxes.)

I would consider an amp and speaker upgrades, though I don't know what combination and how many of each.
DO NOT try to use an after-market amp on the factory speakers, you are just asking for trouble. First, the factory speakers cannot handle much power, and you might run a chance of blowing them. Secondly, it can be very tedious to modify the stock system to this level. If you decide to do upgrades other than add more bass, you'll need to start with (at the minimum) a set of component speakers for the front and a four-channel amplifier. The four channel amp would power the front components (a mid-range and tweeter in each front door) and two "filler" speakers in the rear. The factory rear speakers should do fine for this as long as most amp power is diverted to the front components. So, that's just my two cents.

ps...any shop worth their weight in speaker wire should be able to interface the speaker set-up I mentioned with the factory head unit

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