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Originally posted by DamUTRIPPIN
Almost ALL the Alpine head units made in the last 5 years (at least) have the ability to switch from amber/green illumination. That way the unit will match with most dashes, whether it be Japanese or German.

The device that allows you to retain your steering wheel radio controls is made by PAC I believe the model is the SWI-X.

Historically, Crutchfield has the HIGHEST prices on most electronics. Even retail chains, such as Circuit City, Best Buy, or Good Guys have better prices than Crutchfield. There's a guy on E-Bay that's got AWESOME prices on car audio equipment. I don't know if he's got the 7998 in stock, but I'm pretty sure he can get it to you for a dam good price. His E-Bay name is "AudioFever714". You can e-mail him at for price and availability.
Now you see? That's exactly why I come to this forum daily! I've been out of touch with the latest car audio trends for quite a while. Thanks for the info. I'll try and get in touch with dude and see if I can't score a good deal. Good lookin' out, cousin!

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