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The official How to Post a Picture Thread

Well since so many people don't know how to post a picture I figured I will make this up. There are a couple ways to post a picture, I will start with the forum's way of doing it. Here it goes:

Step 1: Hit "Post Reply" in the lower left hand corner of the page:

You will be directed to the reply page. Scroll down to "Additional Options" where you can select "Manage Attatchments".

Step 2: You will see this screen:

Select "Browse" and pick the files you want to attatch from your computer. Once you have picked them all, click "Upload". A list of files that were attatched will appear at the bottom of that window. A list of files that were not attatched (due to being too large a file or not the correct extension) will be displayed at the top. Once you are done, click "close this window". You can then hit "submit post" and you will have pictures attatched.

Another way of posting pictures is by "hosting" them somewhere else. Now, the file limit on E46fanatics is not huge so often the file you are trying to attatch will be too big. I like to use www.imageshack.us (make sure its .us not .com because that is a different site) to do this. Go to the website, click "browse" and select the file you wish to attatch. Imageshack has been changing the layout lately but just hit upload and when it shows you the picture that has been uploaded right click on it and select properties. It might just show you a url to the image but right above it there should be something like "Click to view image". When you right click > properties this is what you will see:

The url is the location of that image. Highlight and copy that url and paste it into your post with the image tags around it. It should look like this:

[img]url of image here[/ img] <--Don't put a space between the / and the img. I only did that so it wouldnt think i was actually trying to post a picture then show up as a red x. If my description of this isnt clear, simply hit the reply button that quotes me in the lower right hand of this post. You will be able to see the image tags and how i posted the images above.

Finally, there is your very own gallery here on E46fanatics. I would show you how to do it but mine doesnt work for some reason. No big deal. How do you access it? Go up to the upper right hand corner of the webpage where you see "Photos" and you go through the same process as you would with imageshack. You'll have to upload the pics to the site > right click the image > properties > copy and paste URL.

So i hope that helped. Hopefully the mods can sticky this. I posted it in the Showroom section because i figured thats where to most pictures are attempted to be posted. Take it easy.


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