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Originally Posted by otherside
1: whats the reasoning for the 5PSI only boost for the 2.5L.... is it in fear of tranny damage or to the 2.5Liter engine?...have they designed this supercharger with that in mind?

2: also, dont you think the air inside the engine compartment is going to be hot hence that intake is not really possitioned correctly?

3: is there no front mounted intercooler for this?
1) Due to the absence of a heat exchanger, we only boost 5psi. This also helps reduce the cost of the kit with less parts, which is why it is under $4,000.

2) The act of compressing air, will heat it up. The position of the intake filter, will not change this. The intercooled kits are more expensive, which is why we are offering a non-intercooled version at a great price for those who do not wish to spend $6,000 on a supercharger. There are plenty of other non-intercooled superchargers out there as well, who are charging a lot more money.

3) No, hence this is the SK+ kit.
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