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Absolutely interesetd in it. I'm not looking for hot rod but my 323iT surely can use more juice .. and the price point seems to fit my budget just fine ... wow, am excited. Questions:

* your web site considered 323 as 2.3L, but my 323 (M52TU) is surely 2.5L, so what gains should I expect from SK+, at the wheels ,not at crank? Any actual dyno sheet for this engine?

* Does it come with software? and is it possible to add an IC as an option?

* Who will run the GB? Infinitas in Germany? or here? Do we just sign up here on this board?

* is the GB Price as "shipped" / "delivered" in the U.S.?

* You do expect this a DIY? If so, how many man hrs would you estimate for a novice?

Pls advise. ... I may need to rethink my plan in getting a chip and euro clear ...
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