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Originally Posted by otherside
1: does The SK1 have the same gorgous intake system the lower sk+ system have?

2: if not, is it worth it to wait for the intercooler upgrade which should come with pullies for the higher PSI scine this system is newly designed?

3: lastly...the only thing that bothers me is no software availability...doesnt the car have to be optimized for sure a bolt on upgrade?

AA has software...does these have that option to really dial in the correct tuning?
1) No, different intake pipe.

2) I cannot say, this is up to the individual. The aftercooler will be upgradeable from the standard SK+, so it is not necessary to wait.

3) BMW software is very good for adapting to modifications. We have been running standard software on our cars for a very long time, with great performance and reliability. The SK+ runs less boost, so the stock ECU is fine with this. But you might want to contact for their supercharger ECU, this should work to improve performance.
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