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Originally Posted by otherside
Let me ask, would it be wiser to just get an sk1, instead of an sk+ now with the additional intercooler later? would I basically see the same gains as a sk1 after I upgrade it? or are these systems just very very different?

what is that RVB thats missing in this setup? is it part of the intercooler?

so once the intercooler is on will you send different pullies to take it to sk1 level?

I know this sounds funny but I really like the way that CAI looks as well... system looks recently designed and advanced... I wouldnt want to get last years model if you know what i mean... but only if the SK+ is upgradable to SK1 level of course...if its a inferior unit then no way... Ill just get the SK1
SK+ and SK1 are very different (even with aftercooler). We designed this kit for people that do not want to spend a lot of money for a SC, but want to make a nice increase in power over other modifications like exhaust, chip, intake, etc. SK+ cannot make as much power as SK1, even with smaller pulley and aftercooler. The dynamics of both systems are different. SK+ is more for people who will not upgrade later on. If you do plan to upgrade, then I suggest getting the intercooled kits off the bat. The price difference will be small and you'll make more power w/ a nice front mount intercooler and 6.5/8.0 psi of boost.
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