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Originally Posted by Infinitas
SK+ and SK1 are very different (even with aftercooler). We designed this kit for people that do not want to spend a lot of money for a SC, but want to make a nice increase in power over other modifications like exhaust, chip, intake, etc. SK+ cannot make as much power as SK1, even with smaller pulley and aftercooler. The dynamics of both systems are different. SK+ is more for people who will not upgrade later on. If you do plan to upgrade, then I suggest getting the intercooled kits off the bat. The price difference will be small and you'll make more power w/ a nice front mount intercooler and 6.5/8.0 psi of boost.
I'm intersted in the SK+ because I have a Step and I do not want to push it to the limit. I also don't want to spend another $3000 for a SK1.

QUESTION: You mentioned that the SK+ "is for people who do not want to upgrade". Do you mean upgrade the Supercharger, or upgrade the engine in general? If I wanted to increase the power later on, would not cams and exauhst make a nice upgrade later?

My car is still in warranty, and I could not take it in with the SK on it. I will be installing it myself, as I am good with mechanics.

QUESTION: How long would it take me to take it off if I had to bring my car in for service? Would the BMW mechanics be able to tell I was running a SC?

How long do you plan on running the GB for before we could order?
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