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That sounds great but scince I do not want to hit my step tranny hard I was wondering if the SK+ with a nice intercooler upgrade would suffice to make the ride more fun and not aquire the damgers of running at high PSI with step trannies...Ive heard mixed feelings on the subject, I know Im not an expert and Im just trying to get as informed as possible but its something Im interested to get imediately as soon as I feel confident Im not going to trash my can you forsee getting the SK+ with the intercooler doing 265 to 270HP? comfortably? scince you claim 235 to 240 for the 325?

Originally Posted by Infinitas
SK+ and SK1 are very different (even with aftercooler). We designed this kit for people that do not want to spend a lot of money for a SC, but want to make a nice increase in power over other modifications like exhaust, chip, intake, etc. SK+ cannot make as much power as SK1, even with smaller pulley and aftercooler. The dynamics of both systems are different. SK+ is more for people who will not upgrade later on. If you do plan to upgrade, then I suggest getting the intercooled kits off the bat. The price difference will be small and you'll make more power w/ a nice front mount intercooler and 6.5/8.0 psi of boost.
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