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I'm similar to your situtaion (although a 5-speed) I don't need M3 power and I don't have SK1 budget (and other associated "additions".. total could reach ~$10k if doing it "right".. I did do some search on FI board). Gut feeling, SK+ is for me.

anyway, I believe "upgrade" refers to additional or further upgrade to the "SC set up", unlike SK1 or 2, "do it right" can mean additional upgrades such as clutch, header, etc.. Sounds like SK+ has limited "expandability" for people of less power-thristy people... are you one?

Originally Posted by kris6957
I'm intersted in the SK+ because I have a Step and I do not want to push it to the limit. I also don't want to spend another $3000 for a SK1.

QUESTION: You mentioned that the SK+ "is for people who do not want to upgrade". Do you mean upgrade the Supercharger, or upgrade the engine in general? If I wanted to increase the power later on, would not cams and exauhst make a nice upgrade later?

How long do you plan on running the GB for before we could order?
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