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Originally Posted by Wagon Man
I'm similar to your situtaion (although a 5-speed) I don't need M3 power and I don't have SK1 budget (and other associated "additions".. total could reach ~$10k if doing it "right".. I did do some search on FI board). Gut feeling, SK+ is for me.

anyway, I believe "upgrade" refers to additional or further upgrade to the "SC set up", unlike SK1 or 2, "do it right" can mean additional upgrades such as clutch, header, etc.. Sounds like SK+ has limited "expandability" for people of less power-thristy people... are you one?
Yes, I'm in that boat with both of you. I really don't care to have 300hp. Fun, but not neccessary. I'd like my trans to last and my engine too. If I could get 230 from the SK+, that would be good, and then I could add cams or exhaust later to maybe bring it up to 260. That would be about perfect for me. Then, drop in a lower diff and zooooom!

I went and saw my mechanic today about the cam, injectors, intake, software I was planning on doing with him. Final price with tax is going to run me $3370 for 30to 35hp. So, for $700 more I can get 50 to 60. Hmmmm.....SK+ is looking mighty good :-). Like I said, I can always go back and add some more stuff lately.

For you Step guys out there, I've been tracking down dropping a 3.91 diff in my car. I've got graphs of the rpm change as compared with the 3.46 we currently run. Not bad at all. Looks like it will cost me around $2K. If I get the SK+, the diff will have to wait. But it will be my next performance mod after the SK.
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