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Originally Posted by kris6957
Yes, I'm in that boat with both of you. I really don't care to have 300hp. Fun, but not neccessary. I'd like my trans to last and my engine too. If I could get 230 from the SK+, that would be good, and then I could add cams or exhaust later to maybe bring it up to 260. That would be about perfect for me. Then, drop in a lower diff and zooooom!

I went and saw my mechanic today about the cam, injectors, intake, software I was planning on doing with him. Final price with tax is going to run me $3370 for 30to 35hp. So, for $700 more I can get 50 to 60. Hmmmm.....SK+ is looking mighty good :-). Like I said, I can always go back and add some more stuff lately.

For you Step guys out there, I've been tracking down dropping a 3.91 diff in my car. I've got graphs of the rpm change as compared with the 3.46 we currently run. Not bad at all. Looks like it will cost me around $2K. If I get the SK+, the diff will have to wait. But it will be my next performance mod after the SK.
exellent, I would love to know numbers on what infinitas thinks the intercooler and centrufugal clutch options squeeze out of the SK+ at the end of the day...that would make my desicion easier....
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