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Originally Posted by Carlo
Hi Guy's

Reviving this thread with a question.

So I did the MF DIY also,ordered the wiring harness and everything went great +all functions work nicely exept now my airbag light is on.

Does the computer has to be reset to make it go away?
Already made an appointment for programming the OBC (did that one as well => steering wheel was of anyway) so they can do this at the same time.
But if this is not the case,I'll have to search for what I did wrong or broke.

@freshslo : on a petrol engine you need an additional actuator to regulate the gasvalve,I just needed to plug in a wire in the main wiring harness and voila (diesel engine )

Thx C
Did you disconnect the battery before installing the wiring harness, you wouldn't have gotten the light if the battery was. You really should disconnect before doing any electrical work on your car to be on the safe side. But anyways Yes it does have to be reset now.
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