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Originally Posted by randyandy
Can someone help me out on this one. My passenger door won't open from the outside. I took out the interior door trim and found that the cable that attaches the handle to the locking mechanism is either stretched out or displaced. I think that I have to replace it but I can't even reach it. Do I have to take the whole door off and if so how? I've heard of this problem from a few people but they didn't fix it themselves. Dealership says it cost $300 and I'm not about to pay them anymore money.

I have this problem only in cold weather. Here is what the dealer says. There is a cable with a plastic sheath, condesation builds up in the sheath and freezes. This does not allow the cable to move freely. The dealer said they replaced the door lock to see if that helped, no good.

I can usally get the door open on the first try, but then the door wont latch when I close it. At this point if I can get it closed then I can't get it open with either handle. So I have been locked in the car a bunch of times, real safe!

So I called the dealer and they will look at it again, but claim there is not much they can do if it is not mother nature. I have contacted BMW NA to start a log of the events with them so I can get this resolved.

This is very frustrating, when the temp is below freezing, the car is useless.

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