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Originally Posted by xxpaintmepunkxx
This made me laugh. Thanks.

Best country in the world? For deer, maybe.
Hey a$$hole you are from the Banana Republic of Cuba, which is wayyyyy farther down the socio-economic ladder than Canada, so I wouldn't be pointing fingers at anyone. I don't hear much about Candians flocking over the border to come to the US and immed upon hitting the soil start whining about this, that, and the other then signing up for every govt asst. prog. ever invented instead of just getting a job and contributing to the economy instead of leeching off it while under the guise of being a "political refugee". Go grab a tire a float your a$$ back and don't forget to take cousin Julio,Juan,Carlos,Roberto with ya.
The Canadian's come down here for the winter, spend their dollars here then go back. The Cubans come, stay forever , most of them are criminals in their country so guess what they do when they get here? yep, same sh*t. All of you guys that don't live here be thankful, the Cubans are the biggest group of drama queens ever, when they don't get their way, they block traffic, block bridges, so no traffic moves including emergency vehicles like cops, ambulances etc.. so innocent people are dying since they cannot get to the hospitals because of the drama queens protesting the US Coast Guard roughing up Juan/Julio,Roberto as they tried to run over them on the shoreline.
God Bless Canada.
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