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Originally Posted by nag725
I've got a question that relates to all of the above. I am about to order a set of fuzion zri's as well, and am considering a staggered setup. What, if any, is the difference in wear, in terms of time or mileage, that a staggered setup would create since they cannot be rotated all around?

And a second question, what tire size would you recommend on 18x8.5's if I were to run a staggered setup on my 330.

Thanks a lot for the help.
If you're staggering on 8.5", I'd use 255/35R18 rear (same size used on ZHP). Since you won't be able to rotate, you'll likely wear out the rears first, but IMO this is not a big deal, most other sport package 330 guys are in the same boat.
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