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Ask yourself this...

What kind of negative comments did you hear?

Remember, the only real reason the stealthboxes exist is because regular sub boxes (including the one you mentioned)take over quite some space in your trunk.

So ask yourself: do you care about how much carrying space you have? If the answer is yes - then get the stealthboxes. If not, then by all means, get a sep. dedicated sub system.

If you do care about space - the stealthboxes are GREAT. Unless you have 1) lots of rear passengers 2) want a 5.1 surround sound system or 3) going for a TRUE audiophile Soundquality solution, then I think the amount of bass the Stealths give you will be fine.

Just make sure to also get some quality front components that can help blend the midbass/bass from the rear. This will aid in negating the "bass in the back" feeling. You will have some good front staging with this setup, however, which is why unless you care about rear passengers - you, the driver, will enjoy some great sound.
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